Noodle bowls
Pretty beans and egg plant
Sand de Panda
Make your original pocket sandwich.

Must have Eco Bags - come with a strap to keep it compact.

Pasta Container
One shake for 1 serving

Microwave cooking!

Pasta cooker

Udon noodle bowls
Right weight & non-stick rice bowl

Colorful kitchen tools

Requires 50% less effort!
MAX is well known bland in Japan.
Up to 25 sheet, this small stapler does the job!
Light, deep, & strong!
Can be  used as a cooking pot / wok!
4 layers inside & 3 layers out side coating!
Microwave cooking!
Kai Silicone Steamer/Cooker
Dry Food Stocker with cilica gel
Bowls & plates with Okinawa flower pattern
More sauce plates
New kids' cups, plates, & bowls are in.
New pens are in!
Pilot Opt, FriXion Gel, Juice gel inks, Uni Jetstreams ,&  Sarasa 2 + S pen& pencil.
Microwave cooking!
Microwave Rice Cooker

Microwave cooking!
Kai Silicon bowl

Under Sink Stocker